how can i use my car amp indoors on 110volts?

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One thing I did (quite easily and reliably) with many car amps, was open the amp up and find the supply rails for the audio amplifier itself and then test the voltage they run at. Then I'd find a way to disconnect the amp from it's own step up supply, (usually by removing the rectifiers after the massive power toroid). Then I'd make a power supply for that level(I have a transformer out of which I can get 55 volts at 5000watts which is
90.9 amps, easy enough to vary the voltage with a transistor servo so I could get about 65 volts down to almost nothing.) Then I'd hook the power supply up the amp by connecting it where the rectifier diodes used to be. Only trouble is, you have to be willing to do this little mod to whatever amp you intend to use, and you'd have to have a fairly large transformer for it. But it's less a waste of power than using a 12 volt supply. Only reason I did it was cause I didn't have a 12 supply with sufficient current nor could I build one W/O spending money, but I did have all the right stuff to do what I just explained... So, it may not be your case that you have the right stuff for this, but it's an idea nonetheless:)
I have done this several times. The idea of overiding the amplifiers power supply is by far the best I've heard.

Car batteries cannot be used inside a house due to the fact that they release toxic fumes during charging. I have twelve 12 volt 7 amp sealed lead acid batteries hooked up in parallel totaling 84amps continous power output. I also have a 80amp current meter and two 30amp breakers hooked up in parallel (allows me to select either 30 or 60 amp "trip" current).

Unfortunately computer power supplies do not work due to the fact that they rarely put out 12 volts even when specified they do. One of the best and most practicle ways to hook up a amp inside is use some sealed lead acid batteries and an automotive battery charger. Run the charger all the time at like two amps to charge the batteries and crank it upto like 10 or 15 amps while your using the amp.

BTW, did you buy this amp at a police auction?

If you need any more help, just lemme know.

Speaking of car batteries, that's the other reason I didn't suggest them. I had a big car amp that I used with some real current hog speakers and I could destroy a car battery beond recharging or ever using again in about 15 minutes. The guts of the battery would just break apart in the pressure of the hot acid and super high current flow!
hey some real help

hey tomithy83 just to make it a bit easier 4 u if u r in the us of a head down to radioshack and get 1 of these copy paste this in your address box and you should get a 25 amp ac to dc power inverter if not go to their web site and search for (ac to dc) and look for it there just a thought hope it works for u:)
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