How can I measure T/S parameters?

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pinkmouse said:

Have you thought that that attitude is why you didn't get any replies to your last thread? ;)
I think what he means is a search of "ts parameters" will yield a ton of results. Most (if not all) of which have nothing to do with his question. So yeah, I think it's a valid question.
I know I'd like to know.
Hey, thanks guys, for those two links, interesting... And by the way, I did go through tons, upon tons of threads, non of which helped me... I seriously looked for a long time, and nothing, and look, with a simple thread I started I may have the answer. I couln't really think of a specific search topic for what im looking for, and just typing "measuring T/S parameters" gives results that I don't want to spend hours going through, when there are some people that could help me. Sorry if I offended someone with my question. Thanks for the help guys.