How can I lower volume on a paging system speaker?

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Everyone, I am totally ignorant. Our inner city church inherited a paging system. The speaker in the gym is way louder than the other speakers. All the speakers are controlled by one volume control ("aux") on the amp. Could I lower the volume on the gym speaker by soldering in a rheostat on the wire that goes directly to the gym speaker? Or is there another way? How would I know what size/kind of rheostat to use? The speaker is an 8 ohm, 40 W rms (Radio Shack 40-1307). You might guess that we don't have a ton of money to spend on this little critter... Thanks for your help.
Typically paging systems use 70volt speakers. It sounds like the gym speaker does not have a 70 volt transformer on it and in that case it will be way louder than the rest of the speakers. Check the other speakers and see if there are transformers on them. Beg or borrow an impedance meter and check the speaker load on the amplifier. Do this with the speaker line disconnected from the amplifier.

If there are transformers on the rest of the speakers and my guess is there will be then you need to purchase a 70 volt transformer from Radio Shack and install it on the gym speaker. The eight ohm side will connect to the speaker and the line will connect to the tap you choose on the transformer. Examples of typicall taps would be .5 watt, 1 watt, 2 watt, and 4 watt on a small transformer. Do NOT under any circumstances run this speaker with the 70 volt line because it will overload the amplifier.

Let me know what you turn up ....
We may be bad but we're also dead serious. It's a PA horn he has, not an on the wall box type speaker. Can't think of an easier fix.
After looking up the number of the Rat Shack driver you are correct.

Lets find out for sure if its a 70 volt system first. If its a 70 volt system the proper fix is to install a 70 volt transformer and then if its still to loud a 70 volt transformered volume control in front of that.

If that's not reasonable, I would suggest either a fixed or adjustable L-pad.
This would be fine for a 8 ohm system but not proper for a 25volt or 70 volt system.
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