How about seperate forums for each project?


Powder Monkey
Paid Member
2000-10-08 1:19 pm
Hi there.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Mental note: Add "Use a descriptive thread title when starting new posts" to the forum guidelines hints and tips... :)

Forums will be created when there is an undeniable need for them. Its a sad fact of forum life that if you make more forums people being the lazy creatures they are, they don't look in the other ones. It's very easy to create dead forums, or kill the energy that was present in the first.

That said, if enough people complain (for want of a better word), a new forum will be created. If it doesn't work, or kills the energy in the forum from which it was derived, then it will probably be shut down and the threads merged with the parent (witness what happened with the video section - People were screaming for dedicated forums and not only were there little or no posts in them after creation but people in the primary thread couldn't even find threads that had been moved).

There is a bit of a problem in making the wide variety of content in subforums accessible to the masses. I think that the front page of the site goes a long way towards this - you can quickly scan current goings on in multiple forums very quickly....

Anyway, I'll rename this thread and see how many people chime in. Something to think about it how to <i>distinctly</i> differentiate any new forum from its parent. For example, if you made a preamp forum, then if you had a tube preamp would it go in tubes, or preamp? And vice versa for solid state...