Horns, straight sections


2006-12-30 11:55 pm
I'm thinking of using straight sections (say 3 feet) of PVC pipe in a horn early were the taper looks kind of straight. This would be to simplify the process of making the horn long, which I'd like to do.

Would I be better building a shorter, better optimised horn or is this at all beneficial?
jnb said:
Thanks, GM.

Then could I reason that a given diameter of pipe could be used for a section provided that the CSA was within a percentage of the target? Such as 20 percent, perhaps?

You're welcome! Not really, less is always less when it comes to horn design in that what makes it work is the constant expansion, i.e. a resistance when the signal is in rarefaction, so a straight pipe is like running place, you get a lot of pumping action, but not much gain for the effort.

That said, approximating a low flare frequency hyperbolic using simple conic sections every half octave of axial length works good enough, making it easier to lay out/fold/build.