Horns of a dilema

I'm fianlly going to be able to do somjething with some Scan-Speak 18W8544's that I have four of.

2 of them have been usein my reguolar systm for a while and the ohters are somewhat newer.

My original idea was to go retro and construct a D'Appolito system known as the Signuture 717s that used to be sold as a kit.

I know all the drivers are working and I beleive this would be a step up from the normal 2 way I have now, but I'm conflicted.

Might it be a better idea to take the the pair of speakers I'm not useing which have the same drivers, and either put them in the same size box I have for main system or take the and old boxes and optimize the xover for their size?

Haas anyonme heard the 717s system? Does anyone still have one? How do they sound to you?

Open to any and all suggestions.

Thanks In Advance,
Arthur-itis J. Payne