Horn driver sound path issue

I am using an Eminence horn driver (one of those 1 3/8" threaded things) to drive a rotating horn. The sound path is not beautiful, ie: smooth and without steps. The volume at 50 watts is not what I think it should be so should I spend the time to make all the parts to smooth-out the sound path or is it not such an issue? I remember the older ones where LOUD but this new beast is a little tame. You think the bumps and steps in the path up to the horn are that important? It would be a lot of lathe work to clean it up but I am more than willing to try it if anyone thinks it would help. Thanks and happy father's day to all you fathers out there!

You tell us. ;) The 'size' of a WL decreases with increasing frequency, so if 'x' low frequency is the size of an off-road only gigantic truck tire and the 'y' high frequency is the size of a go-cart tire, which one is mostly likely to be slowed down (attenuated in audio parlance) by a ridge, ditch, steps, or sharp bends in its path?

That said, the horn has to be designed to suit the driver's BW for it 'to be all it can be', so for wide BW it will need to be a long, slowly expanding one.