hookup multiple speakers for office

I know nothing about audio but would like to hookup 6-10 speakers for my office which I am DIY renovating.
I seem to remember something about this needs to be mono speakers only with so many but I am not sure.
Can someone guide me through doing this, so that each speaker or each area of speakers has its own volume control?
This needs to be nothing too special sound wise, as I just need background for my office.
Thank you very much for any help in this matter
The usual way would be to go 70V or 100V line.
If your amp doesn't cater for this (depends if it's made for this sort of sound reinforcement), you'll need a suitable transformer at that end.
Each speaker is then provided with its own transformer, which can offer stepped output, or a variable volume control can be used.
There's no point in using stereo in an environment where the listners' orientation to the speakers varies!
for some theory