Hong Kong Inventory


2004-09-24 10:57 am
I had a need for a couple of hundred LM1973 pot chips for a monitor mixer I'm building. These aren't too common at the regular suppliers and are a bit expensive so I put a shout out on HKI. I specifically stated NO PHONE CALLS (time zones being what they are and having conversations with people for whom English is a 7th language, but who are desparate to sell you something anyway). Anyway 300 emails later I've worked out where all the LM1973s are - they are in China - the the really keen ones phone anyway..at 2 in the morning. After I found a supplier who could do the right things (take paypal, supply a photo of the chips, have a decent price) I've yet to figure out a way of stemming the gusher of offers. Next time I'll use a bogus phone number. It's like being on the "Readers Digest" mailing list.

No business gets my phone number. I had a "charity" calling me twice a day and hanging up on my phone recorder, at inappropriate times for 3rd shift workers.Indiana finally made that illegal on land lines, however a "valid business relationship" allows computer calls anyway. You wouldn't believe the discounts I pass up at stores so I don't get "offers" from then over the phone.
I can't get needed drugs (for diabetes, high blood pressure) from any pharmacy without giving a phone number. The nearest one started filling my HBP perscriptions without permission (some days I take 1/2 a pill) and calling every day to remind me to pick it up. I changed pharmacies, and when none would sell me drugs without a phone number, gave the new pharmacy the back shop phone number of the city sewer department. If there is a big recall on a drug I'll have to see it on internet news.
My Internet Service Provider allows 4 email acoounts per billing account. If I have to put out my E-mail to some organization with testosterone for brains, I'm making up a dummy one and cancelling it after I complete the order. The account name I use is no longer my name (weird enough to be unique) but a made up number.
Good luck.