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Honey Badger w/soft start populated boards

I have a set of Honey Badger boards that I put together. I used it for a few weeks before eventually having a thermal runaway problem. I'm not able to troubleshoot it myself.

Nothing smoked but it got quite hot. I don't know if any parts got damaged.

Whoever buys it needs to be able to troubleshoot. I haven't tried to use it since having this problem. I am also including 12 Panasonic 8200uF caps, and a DIY Audio soft start and DC protection circuit. This was all bought new in 2014. Everything is sold as-is.

$130 US FIRM shipping included to anywhere in North America.


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I do also have dual Plitron torroidal transformers that I used with this amp but the shipping on them is going to be quite costly. If you want to talk about purchasing the transformers, we can. I don't have the specs handy at the moment.

I found the specs from an email with Plitron:
Product ID: 5923-X0-03
Description: Surplus Transformer , 479VA Custom Toroidal Power Transformer. 4 Outputs: 26.52VCT; 40.00V x 2; 8.01V
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