Homebrew AC power conditioning

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Well, I've got an old UPS that I picked up at a swap meet, and figured I could use it for something. I'd like to have an AC line conditioner, but don't want to pay the 200-plus that Monster et al. charges for them. Since the UPS already has a nice metal enclosure, quad outlet mounted in back, and a handy SPST switch, why not cannabilize the unit and build a conditioner in it? My question is...how would I go about building one, and most importantly, where can I get the parts :smash: :angel:

Thanks in advance.
Including parts references from the surplus market. This is basically the Jon Risch QS&D Iso Trans project with higher capacity transformers and balancing extentions. Ideally one is required for each source component and limited to 100va rms per.
Folks have found it to significantly outclass the Transcendant and Alphacore banalcing conditioners....
bsyyu - the topology is certainly scalable to larger va requirements. The Felicia certainly did wonders for a Baby Sophia 10wpc tube integrated. But with the existing 175va surplus transformers recommended, with the primaries wired in series and used for 120 VAC, require that the transformers be downrated to appox 90va. The problem is sourcing transformers inexpensively that don't hum when used in this application. If you live in a country that uses 220-240VAC mains, its quite a bit easier as you don't have to downrate the transformers.


2003-04-17 1:10 am
As of this writing, NEW (not pulled) Signal A41-175-28 transformers ideal for this application are being offered by Sarah Pritchard in Tucson Arizona for $5.50 each plus freight.

Sarah Pritchard's email:

sarah_8151 [at] yahoo [dot] com

You can check her feedback:

As of this writing, she has about 60 units available. At these prices for brand new, unused trannies, I expect they'll move quickly.

I have no connection with Sarah.

-- Chris
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.