Holy Moley

Winter break--I can almost taste it! I've one last exam on Tuesday and at 11am I don't have to study anything again until mid January!


This past semester I pulled a 120% courseload and it left me with absolutely ZERO time for a social life, outside of a quick visit from the girlfriend each week, let alone any kind of hobby!

This past Tuesday and Wednesday I had three exams in a 28h period and THAT sucked!! But here I am, I've been studying for two days, and tomorrow, for my last final exam... but I've hit this wall where I just can't stop looking up funny pictures of cats, and I thought I'd post here about my happiness!

Projects that I have to get done include the following;
Three-board Beta22 headphone amp (including the Sigma22 PSU)
Marantz 7 clone
Marantz 300DC resto
Pioneer QA-800A resto for the girlfriend (for Christmas--she asked for it!!)

Unfortunately I won't have access to a shop until early January so it's all electronics work and no machining until then.

Bah, ranting... I'm just SO excited to have this semester behind me!