Holton N-Channel Amp

I have been looking at this amp as my first amplifier project. I looked did a search on the forum which came up with some information but not an answer to all my questions.

To anyone who has built this amp, how complicated is it? I am relatively new to diy electronics and am hesitant to try this amp project because it may be to complicated. I will be able to get some help from my father who is quite a bit more experienced in electronics than I but would like to keep that help to a minimum. Do you think this project is reasonable for me to attempt. The performance of the amp is very tempting to me, being that it can put out high power and drive both an 8 and 4 ohm loads.

Next question, about how much does this amp cost to build. Are the prices for the PCB's on his site in american or australian dolllars, I couldn't find an answer there. What is the aproximate cost of costruction? I have done soem pricing myself, using the construction manual as a reference, but wasn't sure I was necassarily getting the right quality parts to give an accurate total price?

Mark Kanof