Holton AV800 - Revisited

My original "OLD" thread is here

Well many years ago, over 10 now, I gave up on this project in favour of other pursuits. Yesterday while sifting through some boxes from a recent move I found my old AV800 project.


So I'm thinking of trying to get this amp project up an running, I contacted Mr. Holton to see if he had an updated copy of the construction guide and he was kind enough to forward what he had.
I'm going to start by removing the output devices (I have some new ones coming) and going over my boards with a fine tooth comb looking for any mistakes.
I still have my transformers (2) and heatsink for the project but the rest of the power supply (rectifiers, capacitors) are long gone so I guess I have some stuff to buy.
Did anybody here get one of these working, I remember there were a few guys with plans to build these beasts but I just can't find any evidence on the web of a working AV800.
Updates as they happen I guess.:eek: