HiVi/Fountek 3 way active center channel


2010-08-04 4:20 am
So now I discovered how important the center channel is, and most commercial center channel is compromised/poor, I decided to build my own:
HiVi D8.8 in sealed 20l enclosure, rane ac22 active crossover at 220hz
HiVi D6.8 x 2, each in sealed 10l enclosure, rane ac22 active crossover at 2200hz,
Fountek NeoCd3.0 rane ac22 + protected by capacitor, 2200hz and up.

Sealed enclosure will provide 3db point of 56hz, which is fine for a center, and I believe the sealed cabinet also provides the best possible audio clarity.

This will be a vertical cabinet, with the 8.8 on the bottom, at 2" over floor level,
the 2x 6.8 will be vertically above the 8.8, and the Fountek 3.0 ribbon will be nestled right next to the 8.8's, not quite the full D'Apolito, because I only have a physical maximum size of 26" to work with, because I want to put the box INTO my equipment "buffet", right underneath the 65" plasma monitor.

will this work?