Highest sub xover point for music


2004-01-04 8:41 pm
I am building as pair of fullrange speaers, I want to limit as much bass to them as possible.

If I built two subs (one under each speaker) and fed them a mono signal how high can I go with the crossover.

If I was sending a stereo signal I am sure I could go as high as the subs will play but with a mono signal I am unsure.
If you think about it...

I would say around 80 hz for this reason.

If that is your X-over point it is the beginning of the decline in the high end of the sub-woofer. It will only be attenuated by the slope that you have provided. Typically the slope is 2nd ordr or 12 db/octave. That means that at 160 hz it will be roughly half as loud as at the X-over point, and at 320 hz it will be 1/4 as loud. Ideally you would want a fourth order slope or 24 db/ octave . That would put it 1/4 as loud at 160 hz. This is enough to be an effective low end to high end crossover.