High voltage SS output, any experiences ?


Ex-Moderator R.I.P.
2005-11-24 1:47 am
Here's another example of a SS high voltage output circuit with an OPT and local outstage feedback.


I started with a hybrid of MOSFET input and a 6L6 output tube, then for grins substituted a HV IGBT in place of the tube. I think it may sound a little better with the SS device but it's a difficult call.

For a hybrid, the depletion mode MOSFET at the input could be replaced with a pentode., which will certainly have the possibility of changing the low order harmonic content.


SS Tabor

Hi Gary
Very impressed with your SS Tabor amplifier.
I have built a few transformer coupled amplifiers Amity, Karna, KK and variants (all DHT outputs).
I have noticed the input tube has a big impact on the overall sonic of the amplifier and I just haven’t found an input tube I like.
What are your thoughts if I used SS input TT coupled to 45 drivers and 300B outputs? This would do away with a tube input.