High performing class AB amplifier module suggestion

I considered putting together a Purifi amp, but after listening to my SMSL class D amp for a while I'm not convinced class D is the way to go.

Then I considered getting the Benchmark AHB-2, but thought the price is a little steep.

Then I considered Holton amp modules, until I read the horror story about the company.

I wonder, if there are any other high performing class AB amp modules out there?

If not I might have to build a Pass F5, but it is class A.

And knowing myself, building an amp from scratch like the Honey Badger or AMB Beta 24 might never get built.
Agree with Adason but the Wolverine is also a complex build although at least 1 newbie has built it. So there is that.

The Neurochrome Modulus 686 is an excellent choice, has wonderful measurements, is fully tested, is Class AB, is guaranteed to sound great and comes in prebuilt modules much like Purifi. If you are at this level of DIY instead of “de novo builds” like Wolverine, AMB B24, etc…you can’t go wrong. Plus Tom has stupendously great customer service.

And if your eyes were gazing at the Benchmark unit you mentioned you certainly should look at Neurochrome.

Thanks for the ideas, I came across the Neurochrome but dismissed it because I thought it is a typical chip amp. I guess I should take a closer look.

I built a AMB B22 in the past, So I can probably build a B24, just that I would probably procrastinate and not finish it.

I also have a half built point to point Pass F4 that need its output transistors replaced on one of the channel. But it needs my B22 to work. I fried one of the B22's channel when I was testing another amp.

So building a Pass F5 I merely have to stuff the 2 channel boards and cannibalize the rest from the almost built F4. Even if I prefer a class AB amp, I should probably still do it anyway. Pass F5 doesn't need a special preamp to work.

Or I could probably pay someone to stuff more B22 boards for me. But if I am going that way, why stop there? I could pay someone to stuff and test any amp boards out there. Which in principle not so different from buying a finished amp boards.
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I considered putting together a Purifi amp, but after listening to my SMSL class D amp for a while I'm not convinced class D is the way to go.
But there's no comparison. A Purifi doesn't sound 'class D - ish'. A fair comparison is Purifi against Benchmark, and I've seen cases where the Purifi was preferred.

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Class B module, the Chinese module LJM L20V10 with a quiescent current higher than 10ma, (I set 160ma) works well. Need to add protection module. The performance is good to my ears.

If you go with class D go with Purifi, it should be one of the best class D on the planet. No comparison with a SMSL amp.

Never neglect the power supply of a amp ;)