High end sound - does any specfic approach give up the goods more than another?

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Well, looks like I won't be able to do this halfway first. I pulled the current horn and looked it over. First, the driver doesn't appear to be a "screw on" type, so I'll have to upgrade the drivers right off. Second, the cutout is only about 4.25" X 7.5", so it will have to be enlarged for all the CD horns mentioned so far, unless you can direct me to something that will work.

I'm probably still gonna give it a shot soon, but probably work on several of my other unfinished projects a bit first.
I've played around with several approaches to trying to optimize my home stereo system, starting with the ubiquitous several drivers in a single box along with a passive crossover. I'm currently experimenting with a full range speaker supplemented by some woofers in a ported box, each driven by their own amp fed by an active crossover. I'm probably going to end up enclosing the full rangers in a sealed box (currently they're on a small open baffle).
I realize that there are a number of different designs that seem to offer sonic nirvana: full range horns, open baffles with lots of active EQ, ESLs, etc. In your opinion, which approach seems to "give up the goods" to a really high end, realistic sound with a moderate investment of money, time, engineering expertise, and sweat? Does any one approach or combination of elements give consistently better results than others? Any hints you can give to building a system that creates such realistic reproduction of the live event that jaws drop and looks of disbelief ensue?
I've been trying to do that for a few years.:D Good luck!
Also, look how far the "Ariel" thread dates back.
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If you're sweating modding the Klipsch boxes, maybe don't mod them.

Try the setup with the horn + CD resting on top. Maybe just make a little stand to hold them securely. You can still carve up the speakers if you want, but if you decide you don't like it you haven't screwed up the old speakers.

At least as likely, if you DO like it but decide you want a different bottom end you can sell the K's much more easily and for more money if you haven't defaced them.


My super cheapo, super fun garage setup is CD + waveguide, and 12". It isn't exactly Hi-Fi, but it sure makes me wanna jump around... http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/multi-way/154305-xo-help-cheap-pa-drivers.html

Not the same league of quality I expect you're looking to attain, but lots of fun and a good experiment none the less. Excellent ROI. The scaled up versions are probably wonderful.
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