High capacitance

Has anyone used the calculators at kbapps.com?

I used this calculator to determine the values for a 3 way first order xover and for C2 it gives me a really large capacitance, 200uf. Intuitively, it doesn't seem to be a good idea to lower the value to something more manageable, perhaps 100uf (if that can be considered manageable).

So, my question is am I stuck with wiring parallel capacitors to reach 200uf? I don't want to stray too much from the crossover frequencies of 180 and 1800. My tweeter has a rather high fs and I want to stay below it.

Thanks for the help!


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2001-12-12 8:47 am
Unless this is project has a high budget, use cheap bi-polar electolytics paralleled the correct value and use a small value poly cap as a bypass with it. Even Solen caps, the most economical poly caps will cost you a fortune at the values your claiming.

Also, I do hope your taking into account actual acoustic slopes along with the actual reactive impedance at the fc frequencies and not just using textbook formulas with the manufacturer's given nominal impedances, as this will surely result in very unsatsifactory results. However, since this is a 1st order, simply buy extra bipolar electrolytics(they are cheap as dirt) and fiddle with the values until it sounds ok.