Hifiberry OS - did some one use it

This looks great, thanks. I'd like to set my R-pi up so that I don't need a screen. IIRC my main issue when I used OSMC was DHCP - the pi-remote app couldn't find the previous IP address, and then I'd have to open the R-pi up on a screen, connect a keyboard and mouse and re-setup the IP address. It was also a struggle to get my HiFiBerry working in OSMC, and I'm sure there is much better support now (HiFiBerry OS for one).

How would I set it up so that it can be fully controlled remotely over wifi?

ETA: I see in the documentation I could use a web UI. That would be perfect. But can I stream to the R-pi from my PC/phone?
Hi Mrcloc,

so what about this WE's project ?


Yes, I was going to, but then I put up a door and cleaned my car. Then wife acceptance factor didn't allow any more project time. I'll update soon when it's done.

It's sitting far too lonely on my desk...

So I've been trying to get HiFiBerry OS to work, but the RPi just can't connect to my wifi.

I connect to the hotspot, and then configure the wifi, and it doesn't connect. Then the hotspot disappears and I have to re-flash the disk.

If I go onto the disk, it shows about 9MB worth of files, so I can't find the config files. It's like they're not shown. If I right-click the disk, explorer crashes.


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New release 20211105:

- Improve detection of DAC+ DSP and Beocreate 4-channel amplifier
- Implemented MUTE support for LG SoundSync (by @qerub)
- Updated mpd to latest version
- Updated shairport-sync to latest release
- Security patch: Limit file uploads to allowed directories
- Bugfix: Bluetooth volume control (still not working correctöly on Android)
- Bugfix: Pause players before starting room acoustics mesaurements
- Bugfix: Disable TOSLink input on Digi2 Pro
- Bugfix: power controller interrupt on Pi4
- Bugfix: Shairport pauses other players before starting playback

Release 20211105 * hifiberry/hifiberry-os * GitHub