Hidden audio goodies (ideas for an odd driver pairing)

Well, in preparation to move to my girlfriends home, I've been going through all my old audio junk and have run across some goodies in my storage. I've got a pair of Focal T120K tweeters and a pair of Dynaudio MW-160 mid/bass drivers.

Quite an odd combo, I know.

Now, the question is, might these be usable together? I've done some searching around and have found this:

http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/Koapong monitor.htm

Now, this uses the MW-150...I'm wondering how I can change the tweeter to the focal and use a 160 woofer. My goal is for a simple and small vented box, no real sound criteria other than sounding good and being usable in a small to mid sized room. I've got a pair of boxes that are 7"w 12"t 14"d I've been using for my older Seas-Excel speakers (which have since moved into better cabinets) so I'd like to use those and vent them if need be. I'm only "ok" at building cabinets right now, but can do simple boxes easily, but I might be able to stretch to a really simple transmission line design.

Still, the question remains, where do I start? I'm not good enough yet to just make a crossover out of the blue, and I've been lurking for several months to find a similar thread but haven't found anything. To sum it up, the simpler the better. Might anyone be able to point me in the right direction?

Thanks all :)

Interesting. I've actually got a relatively motley group of drivers I'm thinking of using, including the aforementioned ones as well as a pair of Focal 10" woofers I just unearthed on ebay (used in Hales top-line speakers, iirc). I may use an Auram Cantus tweeter though, they look like a good pick for the top end and I may have the bottom end well taken care of.

Thanks for the reply :)