Hi, from Victoria, BC

I have been visiting this forum off & on for some time (1st came because my webserver reported a link to my website T-Line Speakers) but have been "in attendance" more often of late (Bernhards encouragement and interesting posts didn't hurt there).

Just noticed the introduction section today and thot i'd say some things about myself. I am just back into hifi in a serious way in the last couple years and am working towards a system mostly built by myself. Just after university i worked at a very progressive hifi store for 5 years and learned an aweful lot. Then played with Pro stuff for awhile, before getting into macintosh computers in a big way (this is when my hifi activities became passive).

Vinyl and FM are my primary sources (a great blues/jazz station just within antenna range).

I have a mostly full-range philosopy when it comes to speakers. I have lived with ESLs for a long time, but recently swapped them out (the amps needed recapping) for some low budget full-ranges that coupled with a dumpster SE EL84 amp really impressed me with how much i was enjoying the music.

At the moment, being kind of poor (a temporary condition i hope), i am seeing how much i can squeeze out of low budget gear. This means building my own speakers and electronics -- i am learning much about building tube gear. A friend has dubbed me the Frugalphile (tm) (you can get away with an aweful lot if you have a good source ;^)

Due to recent under-employment i have done a lot of vintage hifi recycling (mostly on eBay -- planetsofta) to keep a head of the bill collectors and have been having a lot of fun, seen some really interesting vintage gear, and learned a lot.

Enuff blather for now...