Hi from the UK

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I’ve been making the occasional post on these boards for several months now, and I figured its time for a proper introduction. :-D

My name is Tim Harrison and I have always had a passion for music, sound, and technology. I’ve got a long way to go in my understanding, but like everyone else here, I’m willing to learn and I’m not embarrassed to show my lack of knowledge from time to time! I am just about to start a 4 year course in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the Imperial College in the UK - I can’t wait to have some formal (proper?) training at last.

I do the occasional live sound job with a local firm, and I was always involved in live sound production at my school. I get a lot of enjoyment from these events, but the stress and physical work has to be experienced to be believed! My favourite times with music are when I can sit down at home in front of my system and just listen for a while. At the moment my main system consists of a pair of Dynaudio Audience 42 speakers, P3A amp (parallel output devices), P88 preamp + remote control, and an Arcam 7SE CD player. I also have a smaller LM3876 based system to take away to uni, a (very!) small PA rig, and a quality headphone amp / set of Sennheiser cans.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me so far, and who will spend some time sharing information in the future!

See ya,

PS - In case you were wondering, I do look like my avatar would suggest. ;-)

I'm sure I've posted on some of your threads and vice-verca (P3A fusing?)

I'm also about to start an electronics course (York University) and most of my audio knowledge is based on what I read on the web - or A-level physics (can't live without it lol).

Current system:

Sony STR-DB940 HT amp
Sony DVP-325
B&W DM603-S3's
DIY CAT5 Cables
DIY Hifi rack

Work in progress:

Dual P3A / P88 integrated amp - pictures to come online when she's done.

Next upgrade:

B&W DM600s (small surround speakers) - they can also be my speakers at uni, as I somehow don't see everyone else in residence appreciating the likes of Extreme at the kind of levels my 603's play at!

Sony DVP-NS900VB - the old 325's had many years of good service, but it's soon time to trade her up - upwards and onwards! Who knows, maybe I can mod it for fun too.

Last words:

Visit ESP (http://sound.au.com) - everyone has something to learn from this guy! Long live Rod Elliot!

Kneel down before Peter Daniel - this is one guy serious about his HI-fi (with a capital HI).

...and if it ain't broke, don't fix it - make it BETTER!
What would we do without the mighty bass-plug!

My room at home is only about 3m square and I've somehow tamed my 603's (with 2 bass plugs!) to sound pretty good in the space.

I'm still looking for decent cases in the UK though - maplin do that black rackmount that you have I believe, but I've also found a nice silver one for £25! that has an aluminiun front panel.

Good luck with Uni, I'm sure I'll catch you around on some thread or other in the next 4 years :S

Hi Tim,

Good to hear from you. I'm a one-time Londoner living over here in the colonies...

Saw your "Headwize" writeup. Nice PCB, neat project. Were you happy with those 10,000 uF 63v smoothing caps? I bought some and can't believe they're big enough to be useful. But the specs seem OK. How did they work out?

Cheers! :drink:
Hi BC108man,

I'm glad you liked my integrated amp project on Headwize - thanks for your kind comments.

Regarding the 10,000uF smoothing capacitors in the amp - as I mention in the article, I eventually used two 4,700uF 63V caps in parallel due to restrictions on space.

"I bought some and can't believe they're big enough to be useful. But the specs seem OK. How did they work out?"

That amount of reservoir capacitance (~10,000uF per rail) is more than enough for such an application. But I know what you mean, these cheap parts are very physically small, especially compared to the 15,000uF monsters I put in my P3A variant amp! You get what you pay for, and a larger component will probably have a greater ripple current capacity, and hence give a longer service life.

See ya,
My case

...the case I was planning to get was a closing offer from Rapid although when I phoned to order it was out of stock and they're not getting more in.

I did however manage to get it elsewhere although it cost me £60 - direct from Farnell. This is comparable to the Black Maplin cases although a lot nicer - i.e. grey painted steel with an anodised aluminium front panel.

Hope this helps.
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