Hi from China

I am a former DJ and cubicle worker who has moved to Asia and I am spending most of my spare time working in the garden and tinkering with various projects. 20+ years ago I had a system I am still fond of: Mirage M31's, Krell 100, Denon 3520, PS Audio Digilink, Audioquest wires. I sold that and most of my 8000+ lps and cds and moved all over the planet for 12+ years. Now I am in one place for a while and gearing back up.

In school I took shop and electronics class, a few semesters of engineering in college before switching majors. I dropped the tinkering, something I did from age 9-19, as work and life became pressing and I was busy playing music.

I am buying many of the cheap ODAC's and headfi amps and headphones available here, and due to distance to a major city and any audio market I have decided to roll my own speakers out of necessity. Parts I can get shipped to me, speakers not so much. As with so many others, the cabinet, fit and finish will be the difficult part as I am far from a woodworker or carpenter.

First project is nearly complete, a rebuild of a very cheap set of tiny bookshelf $10 boxes given to me by a friend. This first project to knock out the cobwebs.

Great forum and I look forward to many suggestions and tips from others!


2002-06-06 4:43 am
Welcome to the forum. From what I have heard and seen , you get plenty of inexpensive gear in China. In the larger cities things might be different. I bought some tubes in Beijing and they were almost as expensive as the US !
I haven't spent much time there but I keep hearing that you can get good prices in smaller cities . I guess you will find out eventually !

I'm also living in Western China and like building projects. If you ever need help finding part or projects here let me know. Taobao has a lot of parts and pcb's available as well as the DAC's and other items you mentioned.

Most of my PCB and projects come from the States, but I do buy a lot of parts and enclosures here in China. Any you need a hand just shout.