Hi Fi tone board/preamp for existing amplifier

Hey guys.

So I got this older amplifier, one common problem for the amplifier that I have was that it used a tone board made from old opamps and it colored the sound not in the best way. I soldered the audio input directly to the amp boards and it sounds much better.
The original tone board also has a problem that it's potentiometer for volume is dead and a replacement doesn't exist.

Now the amp sounds good as is but i would like to put in a new tone board just in case.
I would need a board that has volume , balance, bass and treble.
Output signal would be in the max 2v level most likely to drive the amp fully.

I'm also bit tired so DIY soldering and making a board isn't what I would want right now.
Does anyone happen to know a good example i could buy and use.

I was looking through ebay and there are some examples using NE5532 and others using LM1036 and similar.

Any advice , recommendation is appreciated, thanks.
Any pre-built board using the NE5532 should be ok. Most will use similar pots.
For tone controls using FET input opamps is usually the way to go, no need for DC-blocking capacitors on the pot wipers to avoid crackle. If you do use a board with bipolar input opamps make sure there are such blocking caps on the wipers. Some circuits assume FET opamps and cannot take bipolars.
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