Hi-fi and turntable?


2005-08-20 5:53 am
Hello everyone, I'm VERY new with audio tech. I'm a pc guy myself. Today I decided to try hooking up a nice turntable to my hi-fi, but it doesn't seem to work completely.
Firstly my hi-fi is the Sony MHC-GX450. It's brand new and comes complete with game mixing capabilities (audio in, video in audio out, ect).
I think the audio cables for the turntable are called "Phono" from what I've read around this forum, but I can't be certain. They're two cables - one white and one black (both round). The turntable brand is "Dual - CS 504". It worked with our amp for our other sound system by pluging it into the phone input area one out of two times. When I crank the volume up on my hi-fi the sound i get is so quiet, yet it works. But it should be WAY lounder. Could the problem lie in the cables, or does my hi-fi simply not work with it? Lol. Sorry I know I know nothing in this area, so any help is GREATLY appreciated!

The output from a turntable cartridge is much smaller than from most other surces, so you need to either use an amp with dedicated phono inputs or buy (or make) a preamp (booster) to go between t/t and amp. This will also make the adjustments to frequency response which are required to make it sound right.
As you're into computers, one of those 'record your vinyl to PC' boxes would do if you can obtain one cheaply, but you can get or make *much* better models if you want to do the job well.