hi end amplifier

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Damn it Boaz you cut Nelson real deep! Let's hope Nelson Pass is a good sport and is going to forgive you !
I mean, you are talking to the real deal here, not just some "johnson" that doesn't even set foot in the shop, as such you should at least include Pass's products among the high end quality stuff you would like to achieve!
Sorry for that general question (Nelson).
I didn't mean just kit, it can be a design made by any of you which I can buy parts and assemble (Actually I think such a design would be better than a kit).
As a speaker DIY fan, which builds is own speakers, I'm intrested in building a DIY amplifier for speakers such as proac 3.8, for examining. I thought maybe you can suggest me such a design.
I thought that high end companies might sell even a lower quality amplifier than one can assemble by his own.
I'd appreciate your help.

Well, I haven't listned to any krell, but have read that the pricey ones have great sound. A friend of mine, which have lots of experience with amplifiers and knows my taste, actully suggests me ones like CJ rather than krell. As I will use it for speaker testing I need a stable amplifier not like most of the tubes ones.
As for my test, I like natural, soft and "rounded" sound.
First I thought of a circuit of a known company design (like CJ), but I need your advice on what amplifier to build.
After reading some material over the forums, I think I will go on the Aleph2 as Peter suggested (Thanks, Peter). I now understand that Nelson is the designer behind it (Thanks, Nelson). I found a link to a site that sells exact PCB's for the Alephs. Where else can I find material about the Aleph2 (How to build, tweeking etc)? I've searched on the pass labs and pass diy sites and found almost nothing. Are there any other considerations (What kind of transistors, resistors etc?) I should think of? I do have background in electronics and I think I can handle the construction.
Any suggestions?
Thank you all.
1. I reviewed some of the projects made, and I understand that the Alephs can be made using different parts. How do I know which are suitable for me? Are there any combinations that are recommended?
2. Are there any schematic differences between the projects?
3. Are 100W (idle at 300W) enough?
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.