Hi! another one from India

Hi everyone! I'm from Mumbai(Bombay), India. I've been a DIYer for the last 25 years. By profession I'm an aircraft maintenance engineer. Electronics has been my hobby right from my school days. These days I'm into speaker designing. I'm experimenting with bandpass enclosures.
Its great to be part of this forum.
Thanks again for the welcome. Feels good to be welcomed by everyone at the forum.
My bandpass box - very interesting story!! I happened to have a couple of old Philips 8" drivers with me. I started off with an isobarik clamshell design (using WinIsd)in a 4th order bp. Didnt quite like the sound-was a trifle muted and muffled. As I was fiddling with the box, I opened the the lid as the music was playing and discovered that the sound was much better when the lid was opened a crack.So my box became a 6th order!!! I was still not happy with the clamshell config, so I ended up mounting them side by side and wiring them out of phase connecting each one to each channel of the amp.I deviated from the standard WINISD design by making the front chamber bigger and the rear chamber smaller. Sounds pretty good with a tight deep bass. I plan to improve on it later.