HI all x-over question


2005-04-24 11:55 pm
Hi and thanks for any responses in advance. I have lurked and searched in here for a bit, as i am a former audio engineer who lost his way so i needed to get wet again.

My problem is that i ordered the schema for these http://www.linkwitzlab.com/ and after some thought i wanted to know if there is going to be a problem trying to passively x-over this setup. Tri amping might be a little expensive to do now that the light of day has shown into my cranium. I am thinking of taking back my sonic frontiers 75 watters from my dad and giving him my denon so i can power these IF i can passively cross them over.

Thanks again for any answers and regards still if it cant be done.

Bottom line no. The orion uses EQ on the midrange and the bass units and you cannot do this with one amplifier.

If there was only any heavy EQ applied to the bass alone you could make a passive design between mid/tweeter and bass and then just EQ the bass but unfortunately not in this instance.

There is one thing you could do which is shift the bass xover up to around 300hz, this is around where the main mid panel will be flat to and thus not require any EQ to reach the (100hz?) cross in the orion.
But if you do that watch out for problems in the H baffles response, they start to get "comby" at about 150hz I think.
Ok so the only 'other' option i have in this kits case is to electronically x-over and tri amp. I could go in this order,

Alesis 1/3 octave eq
Rane 23 3-way x-over
4 x 50 watt amp
2 x 80 watt

Thats all i can come up with that i dont need to go and buy new. I dont mind being told to do a different kit though, i only ordered yesterday, i see a couple in these forums and other places on the web. I really want to try these di poles as i have heard similar ones albiet smaller and the presence was incredible. Much better then anything i have ever had. My current gear is all studio, krk - M-audio-alesis-rane-yorkville. Not exactly audiophile