Hi all, any tips?


2020-03-01 1:25 pm
Recently I've been lucky enough to stumble across some Kef Reference 104ab's, recently restored and painted in a very striking orange! Weird color choice, I know, the picture included can't do justice to them. Lovely orange at night, almost red in ambient daylight. I am currently driving them with a Simaudio Moon Ace, which is a 3500 dollar amp. I'm a high school student with a tight budget in need of a good amplifier, with a per channel minimum output of 20 watts. What would be a good combination for my Kef speakers? (budget max of around 200 to 300 dollars)

Personally I have been looking at the Duson PA75 Amplifier, which is to my specification, but I have a very limited knowledge regarding older amps.

Recommendations as to where to start a thread with a question like this would be great!
Happy listening and have a great day!:rolleyes:
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