Here's a little K3.5 plan I missed

Sorry for the really late reply - Moray - do you mean the K3.5? - if so its posted above and will place in this post

Also I give its input impedance (no FR yet)



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I've used if with a cheap (~$40) Kinter 3118 2.1 amp which if specs are right is low-passed on the point one amp (two TPA3118 in parallel) at 180Hz. I have the "sub" channel hooked to my KUBE12 loaded with Kappa12A) and the combo is impressive - strong on theater organ - strong on drumkit despite ~60Hz bottom as the KUBE12 kicks and is reasonbly efficient. (Eminence says "99dB)

I'd recommend the K3.5 with 3FE25 for 2.1 systems.

That Kinter 2.1 amp is nice at low levels too as there's a separate volume control
for the sub output so acts as an adjustable loudness control.
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Did not do that - but will try to get the system up and running again in a few days. FWIW I could do an impedance sweep "right now - -tough to reach but looks reasonably well sealed

"Qtc" looks decent too sealed at ~0.83. System Z peak sealed ~ 141Hz


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Not yet - will leave the duct tape on the cabinet whose impedance sweep is above.

I'd like some "K6" satellites but my Kid and his GF put my new Volt6 coax into a stuffed shed two years ago never to be seen again. I have 8" XKi - but too large imo for sats in a tiny house trailer. A good K6 could be made of relatively light half-inch plywood (or 9mm Baltic birch plywood) - I think height could be kept to around 12" or so scaling from K12 or X15.
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Its feeble below 150Hz - also 150Hz sine wave sounds much louder with the distributive hole port "open" vs the sealed cabinet.

I would definitely advise for normal standalone use to go with XRK971's Karlsonator. Probably also for most 2.1 as it can play at least an octave lower.
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