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Hemp Audio customer service issues.

This quick post is to start a thread regarding Hemp Acoustics (not A Brown Soun) customer service issues.

This is not intended to field questions regarding any personal attacks , or to provide technical support (other than to send you to appropriate links where it may be found), or suggestions about enclosures or appropriate designs , etc.

This thread is specifically for Hemp Acoustics purchasers who have issues with warranty or customer service issues only. I (Nanook/stew) will personally answer these concerns. I will also add to my signature a link to the Hemp Acoustics Customer service thread.

If I have posted this in an incorrect place or manner, moderators please email me with your suggestions, and I will comply.

Thanking you all for your patience, this may take a little while to straighten out, but positive steps will be taken. If any have constructive criticism or suggestions, please feel free to email me direct, or post here.