Help with tweeters - New to this DIY audio !


2013-04-17 12:27 pm
:)Hi folks out there - I'm looking for some advice on a cheap tweeter to use as a helper in a set of speakers that I have just built.

The drivers are :
Brand: Electrovision
Colour: Black
Dimensions: 73x131x131 mm
Weight: 0.985 kg
Resonant Frequency (Hz): 63
Magnet Weight (oz): 20 (567 g)
Impedance (Ohms): 8
Sensitivity (dB): 92
Peak Music Power (W): 60
Power RMS (W): 45
Frequency Response (Hz): 63-20000
Diameter (mm): 131

These Wide Range drivers were very cheap at £10 each inc delivery - but this was kind of an experiment just to see how the build would go and what sort of sound you can get from cheapo drivers.

My reference speakers are :
Royd Minstrel Floor standing speakers - which cost about £400 20 yrs ago.

Anyhow - I'm very please with my build, but the high end needs help.

So I'm looking for a wee bit advice on how to improve the top end !



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2007-09-15 8:14 am
Welcome to the forums :)

As to your question, I think a thread in the "Multi-Way" speakers forum might be best as your going to probably need some form of crossover unless you used a piezo type tweeter. I'm not the one to ask on speakers :D