Help with SSR03 PSU by Per-Anders


2004-12-31 1:27 am
Hi All,

Looking for a little help troubleshooting my SSR03 psu build. Tried the SSR03 forum first but found it impossible to post there, my old login not recognized and not able to reregister, seems to be site software issues. In any event I'm hoping that someone here could point me in the right direction. I recently built up a SSR03 psu from a board that I had lying around from a group buy some years ago. It is the LM-431 board. Followed the BOM for a 24VDC build. The trafo has 25.6 VAC secondaries, and I get a rectified voltage of 32.7 VDC at X2 on the board. The board is outputting +/ 29 VDC instead of the desired 24 VDC. I double checked all of the resistors with a DMM in the board. They all match the BOM except two but that might be because they are installed in the board. I've attached some pics of the build along with the BOM that I used and my readings. I am not an electronics expert and I'm having difficulty following what is going on in the schematic. I'd would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.



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