Help with speaker designing software for JBL project

I've just bought a pair of jbl 2205A and hoping to get 2425H compression drivers and 2370A horns. This will be my first DIY project, and i recently came across a good CAD speaker design programme, which calculates cabinet shapes and provides real time drawings. I've lost the link, any ideas?

Also, any ideas on what driver to use for mids, and how to design the crossover?

Ive used Qcad 1.5 -2D ,fast,intuitive. Im sure theres better but its so tiny and great.

Ideally you would use a hornloaded cone driver eg 4-8"
A direct radiator like 2205,it only reaches 1khz ,with acoustic roll off after that,so the say 4th order filter will only need to be 3rd order on the woofer so that some resemblance of flat response is attained. Infact the woofer could be said to resemble a certain LPF with a certain Q causing the top end bump.

Im really not sure if this driver will 'reach' the HF Horn you have.The graph is quite smoothed so it could have nasty resonances.


You need to be equipped with some info

and - he knows his stuff, whether its passive filter design or acoustical response of two drivers with a distance inbetween.