Help With Power Amp Board Pinouts

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Ok so i have an Integra DTR 40.2 and as dose for a lot of these amps the dang HDMI board died and so i got to looking at this guy and was like (what if i just use the power amp board and build one heck of a 7 channel amp from it).
Now i haven't got to pulling it all part yet but unless someone can point out where to buy a HDMI board I'll just have a big 40lb paperweight and will be forced to just go ahead and make something cool. :D

While i was looking at it, the amp board is built really conveniently as far as all i need to do is.

(Get a new case and install/do the following)

1. Install a power switch, fuse, power filter and surge protect
2. Install the same old main power transformer that the amp board used

3. Run 7 channels of RCA inputs to the amp board

4. Run 7 channels of speaker connections from the amp board to the new case (banana plug type for me)
5. Ground everything to the case

but here is where i am stumped.....on the amp board there is a 9 pin out for various things and are in the order as followed

Pin-1 VOLH
Pin-2 SEC1H

Pin-5 GND DG
Pin-6 +3.3VMPU
Pin-9 12VFAN

I know Pin 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 go to the fan and thermal system and its independent from everything, so i wouldn't need to hook anything up to those pins.

BUT for pins 1, 2, 3, and 4 i have no idea what i would need to do to get this hooked up right or if i need to hook up anything to it at all so here is where i need help.
what do they mean and what do i need to do to those pins?

I would have uploaded the PDF but its too large for this sights limits
here is a link

Integra DTR-40.2(B) Service Manual (Page 12 of 186)
Haven't looked at the schematic, just thinking out loud. Consider disconnecting/removing or whatever the HDMI board and leave everything as is? The CPU will expect responses from the HDMI at power up and reset but this is probably just a high voltage that can easily be set. Not sure if there is any heartbeat going on which might complicate.
ATM the HDMI board is out and the reciver powers up but the speaker outputs are disabled, this dang HDMI board has the DSP chip and all the volume control plus its telling the main amp board to be off.
I don't mind playing around with it to see what i can do but i want to have a really clear understanding what I'm going to do first before diving on in.
I wanted to rebuild it into a new case just so its all pretty clean with just a row of inputs and outputs like one big 7 channel power amp :)
have no fear with taking a look at the PDF and page 12,the layout is really clean and simple unlike a lot of schematics out there.
I will look at what you said tho (doing that right now) thanks for some input :)
let me know if you have a look and see what the heck those putouts are about.
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