Help with oscilloscope probes.

Hello, I'm new to this forum. I'm setting up my own little home electronics lab. Today I purchased a used Hp Agilent 54601a oscilloscope on eBay. It doesn't come with any passive probes. So I'm want to own if anyone has had luck with the after market style probes selling on eBay or do I have to pay extra for the HP probes? I plan on using the scope for repairing and building music equipment. I'm trying to keep my cost to a minimum so I'm hoping for some sound advise. Thanks, Clint. :)
Standard 50mhz or 100mhz "aftermarket" probes will work ok.

IF your scope has range switching based on the BNC end of the probe making contact with an outer ring (Tektronix did this) then it will not show the proper range if you turn on the 10x switch.

Btw, a 10x probe or a 10X switch on a probe is a very good idea.

If you look at the max Vertical amp voltage range, you'll see that you probably must have a 10x multiplication for tube work... even if you have enough range on the vertical amp, the 10x probe is still good.

I didn't look to see what the max bandwidth for you scope is, but for most audio work, the fastest probe is not a big concern.
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