Help with my first project!

I've been reading this forum for about a year now and haven't really had time to start a project of my own until now. I will admit, I am not extremely knowledgeable about audio, I've done some stuff for cars but not anything extreme. I've been reading about everyones full range and it really intrigues me that people get great sound from a single driver!
Well anyways, back to my questions...
1) I bought a set of 4 Pioneer TS-164P full range drivers for 10 bucks, all brand new. I was going to use the B20's but I got these for cheap so I figured I would try to figure out a good enclosure for them. I cant seem to find parameters for them no matter where I look, hopefully you guys can help. They have a whizzer cone and are 6.5". All I know is that the RMS is 20w, they are 4ohm, and the sensitivity is 92db/w
2) What kind of enclosure would you recommend trying? I've been thinking a BIB since they seem fairly tolerant of design mistakes...I am good at woodworking I just don't know how to design ports and such...
These wont get cranked at all, I just want a nice pair of non fatiguing speakers that I can listen to for a long time.
Any and all help will be appreciated!
Interesting. I wonder if there are any actual specs for these auto drivers? It would be nice to see how they perform.

I would assume the specs would be tailored for an infinite baffle arrangement. But sometimes a real gem will surface, just when you least expect it.

As for which enclosure would work best, I will let Dave or Moose advise you better.

Good luck on your project. :)