Help with MBL type Radialstrahler build


2013-12-04 4:24 am

I did bite more than i can chew with this project and would like to find someone in the Montreal, Quebec area to help.

Back a few years ago i had a pair of omnidirectional radialstrahler (MBL clone) drivers ; tweeter and mid range manufactured. The drivers came unassembled and need to be put together and re-tested...

There is no "instruction manual" but access to the talented craftman who made them..

This is an opportunity to build something unique...
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2009-10-19 7:47 pm
You may want to provide a little more information about the state of the drivers currently (with pictures) and exactly how much help you think you need.

Assembly and testing can mean so many different things. I could see assembly being a couple hours of work or much, much more, but I'm just guessing.

Also, are you looking for someone to help finish the whole project or just get the drivers reassembled?


2007-04-03 3:13 am
Thanks to James from Sparrow Legs Speaker Design, the assembly is completed. Great guy!

It seems that i can't download a picture directly to show you the final product (only a link??)

I am left with testing and integration with the mid and sub...

Would love to see it.

you can upload a picture as an attachment. See below image attached.

There also a trick to embed the attachment in-line. (tip for another day ;)


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