Help with maximizing transformer wiring

Have a 800va transformer with two 60v secondary wires. Have two amplifier boards that use a single + 83v. What is the best way to wire these to utilize both secondary windings? Should i half bridge with two rectifiers running each board off each secondary and cap? Right now i have been running it off one secondary, rectifier to two caps in parallel and both amp off the positive 83v.
Can I make two positive 83v terminals one for each amp board? I know this is , just a hobbyist and want to make sure im utilizing my power supply to its full potential. Secondary is two yellow 60v leads. Thanks in advance for any help!
Running them in parallel and using one power supply should be somewhat cheaper due to fewer parts. Be sure to get the phasing correct if you do this.

The difference in performance between the two configuations is negligible in practice, the deciding factor might be component cost or even convenience of layout, physical size of filter capacitors, etc.

For a PA system dual supplies adds redundancy, which is advantageous (partial failure of a PA system is not necessarily a show-stopper, literally)