Help with 'logic' for QProx...

This thread is to ask for help w/ the logic for QProx a unique sensor pad that can activate switches and other triggering devices by the touch of you finger through most surfaces, glass, wood, plastic etc.

I became aware of QProx from a thread by Brian Donegan and asked him w/ his permission to post it in the ‘digital’ category for better response.

So, basically in a nutshell -

"Now, what I need is the logic circuitry for source switching. My last Digital Logic class was in 1989 or there abouts, so I am a little rusty. I plan on using the chips in pulse mode (emits a logic low pulse), one chip per source, but need the logic to turn on the source replay and release the other relays. I keep meaning to sit down and thinkit through but can't find the time. If anyone wants to pitch in, I will design and etch boards for it and get the whole thing tested. I bought 5 of the 110 chips with my last digikey order".

My role is to post this query, Brian will be handling the responses. I love this little QProx touch sensing pad and would like to see it realized. Any logically logical brains out there who would like to help???



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