Help With Klipsch KA-1000 blown amp

Hi. I have a Klipsch KA-1000-THX amp that drives two KW120-THX subs. Last summer, I noted that the amp was not powered up. After opening it up, there was a blown capacitor on the power board with some charring on the under surface of the board damaging the board and some surface components. I had my bro, who is a computer guy take the board to an IT tech that repairs computer motherboards that offered to do a repair for me. She started to clean up the board and wanted to repair it, but she cannot find a schematic for the unit. I contacted Klipsch, who said that the unit is discontinued, and they do not do repairs any longer. They suggested checking with another company, which told me the same thing. I asked Klipsch if they had published the schematic for the unit, and if it were available for D/L or purchase, and they said it was not available. After an exhaustive search online, I was unable to find the schematic. I went to eBay and found a non-working unit being sold for parts, and I picked it up, thinking it might have a good power board or have a problem elsewhere in the unit. Unfortunately, it had the exact same problem and damaged parts, and it appeared that someone had already done a repair on this second unit. At this point, I am hoping someone on this forum may have access to the schematic, so I can get the unit repaired. I would also entertain the idea of getting a replacement board, if one is available. There are a couple "new" units available on eBay, but I am not sure if I want to put any more $$ into something that is so tough to get repaired. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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Hi docjj1,
Wow, that is terminal damage. While I think Klipsch does make good products, having serviced them under warranty many years ago, I have to advise people to avoid brands that cannot be serviced even internally. I am hoping that some one at Klipsch does read this.

My thought is that the amplifier part was built under contract from an OEM firm, probably in the far east. They are not known for providing support or spare parts. If Klipsch did not receive a diagram (I believe this might be the case), then it really is an orphan and dead for all time.

I think it is high time that companies are held responsible for what they sell. Maybe then, contract OEM manufacturing might become something that isn't viable. The company (Klipsch)was saving money in this case, and the consumer is left holding the bag.

I do look upon Klipsch as generally good for warranty and product quality. Maybe everyone should avoid buying electronics from them. Again, I really hope that someone from Klipsch reads this post. It is an industry-wide problem. I will discuss off-line with someone from Klipsch should they be interested. I used to own the company that did factory service for them in the late 1990's.

Thanks for the suggestion. Are you meaning that this power board may have replacements found on eBay? I never thought to look for a replacement board, just a replacement KA-1000. I was under the impression that if Klipsch and the other company had no parts to repair or replace, there would not be any replacement boards out there. I will take a look. Thanks again!
anatech, I have heard about this OEM outsourcing but did not expect it from Klipsch. I wholeheartedly agree with your comments. The second unit I got on eBay that had the same damage had a different capacitor then the rest of the board and on my original unit's board, so the second unit was certainly repaired. Would this indicate a design defect or perhaps an underperforming capacitor in this spot on the board? I found it pretty amazing that the replacement unit had the same failure point. Is there any source for schematics other than a regular Google search? Thanks again for your response.
My brother offered the same suggestion about replacing the capacitors. He has similar issues with blown capacitors in computer motherboards, and he stats that in the mid-2000s there were bad capacitors made in china that Dell, IBM and others used routinely in their motherboards that would routinely fail. It was the number one repair that had to be done on these mid 2000s motherboards. I would imagine that this unit may have had the same issue with poor quality capacitors as it is circa 2006 or 2007.
I just bought a KA-1000 on ebay just like the one you have... hole in the PCB. I took off all the Bipolar caps ( 4 of them ) and there was a 1K resistor that got fried and likely at least 1 mosfet since it measures full short across 1 side of the amp. I ordered new caps and other parts, and we will see if it comes back to life. Also the MOSFET driver IC is defaced with a Dremel, so nobody can see it is likely a IR2011 , a bit childish this day and age to do stuff like that. Most of the amp seems to be made in Taiwan.


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This is terrible. One of the greatest advantages of DIY is that you get to choose the components and avoid this sort of thing. I have never had an amplifier I made fail (except obviously where I did stupid things, but I'm talking about normal use). And I've been making amplifiers for 12 years. Some of my first ones are still being abused.

I really hope you get this sorted easily.
Mrcloc - Howzit? I stay in the US but from the same part of town as what you are!

Guys - i have a similar issue - Klipsch KA-1000-THX - AMP got slammed by a recent lightning storm. The board compuhans and docjj1 refer to is the exact same board i have that needs to be replaced. Mine is also fried. I have tried searching the part numbers all over the internet and have come up empty handed. Does anyone know where i can purchase a fully populated board? Im not looking at replacing faulty/blown parts, im not that technically inclined.
Some pics of my board - seems i have a couple of holes in mine.

Hans - hear you about the IC`s having been dremmelled off - very childish indeed, mine is the same.


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