Help with Glassware ps-14 for Octal 8


2013-03-31 3:55 am
Hello, I'm working on a ps-14 that I'm not sure about and to make things worse I can't find the user manual that came with the kit and no .pdf available for download. So hopefully someone who has built one or similar can help out here.
The configuration I have been working on is a full-wave Center-Tap and I think this pertains to the B+ section since the torroidal secondaries for it need to be wired in series to achieve 230VAC (Triad vpt230). Got the two inner wires twisted together and soldered to CT pad and the outers twisted together and soldered on one of the HV pads (I think these two are connected anyways? ) .
Now for the heaters section :
Torroidal is a Triad vpt24-1040 and it's 24v secondaries are twisted in parallel for 12v.
I have connected these pairs to AC1 and AC2. So far so good?
I'm not sure about the other AC pad above those about center of the pcb between the caps though.
Also I can't remember which instructions I followed as for diode and capacitor inclusion/omission since I had put it on hold almost 2 years ago but I think it was probably full-wave Center-Tap (hopefully ).I'll try to post some pics here as well so if anyone can find anything wrong with this please do comment.


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