Help with getting an LCD Panel and OHP

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Hello all,
I have had a great problem with obtaining a good LCD Projection Panel and High Power Overhead projector in Australia. I know other people outside of the US also have this problem and so am wondering if anyone could help.
I am looking to get a panel such as the nView Z115 or similar and an overhead projector with an output of 6,000 lumens or higher.
The ways I have tried are ebay and inventory solutions but here are my results.
ebay: Good selection, if you live in the US. For auctions that ship internationally, panels are usually more expensive than they should be and some people do try and get more money from you by overcharging with shipping. One person I contacted, it would've cost $35US to ship an nView Spectra C with all cables, remote and in case. Fair enough. But other places would charge $97US for the same thing from the same region. And overhead projectors are even worse.
Inventory Solutions: Good selection. No complaints really actually. Exept, for an Elmo Solar Deluxe and nView Spectra C it would cost me $275US. Plus $250US shipping. That equates to nearly $900AUD!!! I can't afford that.

So if anyone could help with places to get panels and projectors that would be great. Even a place closer to Australia that sells and will ship would be great. I live in Perth, Australia so will need places near there. But I have read other people's similar requests who live in Canada, The Netherlands, etc. so information for those places would also be helpfull to others.

If anyone could even sell me a panel or projector than that would be great too. Just email me (please use the "email" button on bottom of my post) and tell me how much you want for it, including shipping if possible. I would prefer a panel with its remote and powersupply minimum, and also either S-VHS or Composite inputs.

Thanks all
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Invsol-com will only ship UPS. UPS is good and fast and reliable but expensive. For example one guy I know lives in Holland. He can get the panel he needs from Invsol-com at a good affordable price but they have quoted him $150 US to freight to his location.
The freight is similar to the panel cost. I am not sure about exact panel cost but its something like that. And they will not ship any other way.

Overall panel cost plus freight cost puts it outside his budget.

I got my panel from the US for shipping $50 US by United States Parcel Service. USPS. Very reasonable. Goes by weight and selected speed of service required and it arrived in New Zealand 6-7 days after despatch in mint condition. It was packed and posted from the States by a previous member here.

It really needs some kind hearted soul in USA to act as a shipping agent. I have a friend in the USA who might do this. I have to check on it. Don't count on it but I will ask.

BTW Morien and everyone else. Not a good idea to put your emal address on the board. Web spiders look for anything like an email and you can get put on a junk mail list. You want me to ask the boss to remove your posted email address. People can contact you by your email button.
i feel your pain mate :( after first going on here i searched for a panel - finally found on on ebay right here in adelaide! down side was an american bit $400 aust on it !! ended up winning the same panel (ovation 820) for us$66, and it cost $50 us to ship, UPS quoted 2-4 weeks shipping, 9 weeks later it finally arrives :rolleyes: but it all works good, just looking for a PCX lens or a decent ohp now....

Hey remp,
yeah that's what I was thinking. Only problem is that the one person I know in the US is like 90yrs old and probably doesn't even know I exist.
But that'd be great if you could ask your friend for me :)
And I wasn't aware of that email situation, could you get it removed for me?

And gav,
yeah I'll probably end up with that exact same problem (with obtaining the OHP), the ones I've seen have all been less than 3000lumens and I'm hoping to get a 6,000 lumen one.
Oh well, only time will tell.

Thanks for the responses, anyone else who can help, keep em coming :p

Thanks all
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The person in the USA I am thinking about has not yet responded to my email but I know she does not live close to invsol-inc so any purchase would involve a UPS delivery fee for starters. How much I do not know.

Here is invsol-inc's address

2001 Inventory Solutions, Inc.

1238 Logan Circle

Atlanta Georgia 30318

Ph: 404.355.6147 Fax: 404.355.7462

At the bottom of their web page is their email address

Anyone living close to Invsol-inc and willing to be an agent for world wide freight please advise.

USPS (United States postal Service) have a pickup service for a small fee of a few dollars. This involves them only to pick up a packed and documented package.

They might offer another service not listed to pick up a paid item, take it to their warehouse, pack it and stick on the right package documents. That would be handy.

I will email them and ask. What would that be worth to a person wanting a panel. $10, $20. I dont think they would be interested in doing it for nothing.
great idea

I think what Remp said here is a really good idea. I know how hard it is to get a panel outside the US. (Being busy at the time to get one myself as quick as possible)

So if you live close to invsol and you are willing to do this, please let us on this board know.

Best regards..Amnesia

ps. good luck Morien :)
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Re getting a panel from USA

There is some good news and some bad news

First the bad news.
The Lady I know in USA does not wish to turn into a shipping agent because of family commitments etc which is understandable.

The good news.
She said there is a packaging company near her who may do this so it is being investigated. Will report as soon as possible.
Yeah, that's ok remp. Thanks for trying anyway :)
If this packaging company can do it for cheaper that'll be great also. Thanks for the effort ;)

My eventual plan is to have a 5,000lumen min OHP with an 800x600 res, 16mil colour panel, as I plan on using a computer with it also and would like the best possible quality for dvds (640x480 isn't DVD). I was thinking about the nVIEW Z250 for the panel and I have no idea about the OHP.
Does anyone have any suggestions on this or an alternative panel? The Good Panel/Bad Panel doesn't have a review of this, only a post from someone selling theirs, I however was too late :( Suggestions on a cheap, yet good OHP with relativley inexpensive lamps would be great. I know this is sort of off-topic but, its my topic anyway ;)

Thanks all

Oh and dice45, thanks for removing my email, and thanks for asking him remp.

Hey all,
I have a request. If anyone can sell me an nView Z115 or Z255 with remote and power cable, could you please contact me? I prefer it shipped via FedEx International however, so please keep that in mind.
Thanks a lot.
You can contact me via my email button at the bottom of this message.
Well, I don't think I'll be parting with my 215 soon, due to the lack of panels on ebay. If I ever do want to sell it, I'll keep you in mind.

I've seen the Sharp 1650 in action, it is very nice. No macrovision problems. The Z215 has better contrast, but for those who don't drive their panels via PC, the 1650 is a must.
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