Help with FCC extension

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Don't extend it!

Don't use an extender, unless you have to. From your photo, it looks like you have a single driver board attached to the LCD. If so, then you can just mount both boards in a frame that holds them perpendicular to the LCD panel. This should work fine, as long as the part holding the LCD and the part holding the boards are connected together in a study manner so there can never be any strain or flex of any of the FFCs. Getting the LCD and boards mounted in such a frame ASAP is the key to not damaging your LCD during the building process.

If you really think you need to use that extender kit, here's how:

1. It looks like the black part of the connector on your controller board has to be unlocked and slid back towards the FFC. Then the FFC should slip out easily. (Some other connectors open at the back like the top part is hinged.)

2. See which side the FFC contacts are on. (The board side, most likely.) Then slip the extender FFC into the connector, in place of the existing FFC. Slide the black part back in until it locks.

3. Slide the brown part of the extendor connector as far out as you can.

4. Hold the two FFCs together so their conductors are facing each other, then side both into the extender connector. (You have to get both FFCs lined up exactly right at their ends, and at a point back from the end a few inches. You could tape them together a few inches from the ends with some masking tape, temporarily, if you have a hard time holding them together.)

5. Push the brown part of the extender connector in so it locks the two FFCs against each other.

6, Get the boards & LCD all mounted together in a sturdy frame! Lots of threads in this forum end at the point the builder accidentally tore off an FFC because the LCD and boards were flexxed too much.
he needs the extender because when the boards are perpendicular the cable isnt long enough because the distance between them is increased

guy is right just line up the silver connectors and ram them into the ZIF connector you have there - its quite difficult to get two in one hole.

a good tip is if there is any plastic strengthening backing on the FFC you can peel it off to make the cable thinner

also its not really necessary to give the money to lumenlab - i bought enough parts for 5 extenders for the same price as one lumenlab from an electronic component shop
Thank you guys!

I needed a longer cable cause my original one was too short. I managed to merge the original fcc and the lumenlab's one in the zif socket without having to peel it.
So I've done the extension and now I don't have anymore the annoying boards in projection!. Unfortunately I broke the zif socket's lever of the lcd while closing it cause the extension cable was thiker than the original brown plastic one, so I put a kind of clasp to hold the new cable tight. My projector was ready since 3 weeks, and now that the last problem was solved I'm ready to post some photos of costruction and results ASAP. :smash:
cheaper FFCs

Try looking at and They both have FFCs and connectors in their enormous online catalogs. Make sure they won't charge you some huge handling fee for such a small order. Neither one used to do that, but I have not ordered from either for a while.
more direct source has an online catalog.

On page 901 they have 0.5 mm Molex FFC Connectors.

16 pin connector: $1.59 each, (cheaper if you get more)
16 pin 6" cable: $2.78 each

You can look at pictures, find the number of conductors you need in 0.5 mm or 1.0 mm pitch, and they show the Molex part numbers.

With those part numbers, you may also be able to order them locally.
my extension

i solder connector directly to ribbon


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