help with enclosure for ff165k

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i picked up a pair of these with the intentions of building bib's (having built 3 smaller pairs), but i don't see them being allowed into our apartment in the near future. :smash:

in the meantime i would like to build something with a bit more waf that still gets a lot out of the drivers. looking around i saw only the bk16, which doesn't interest me, and the fostex rec bass reflex. i was surprised that there were no spawn designs or metronomes on the frugalhorn site and i didn't find any dims for mltl's for what seems to be a highly recommended driver.

any experiences or opinions of the fostex rec's or other suggestions? i would still like to build the bib's of course but for now it is not an option.

Xmax is low, Q is low. This driver likes horn loading. Aside from the BIB, with which it's a magical combination (sometimes a driver just suits a cabinet), then it'll go straight into Hiro, or a new box I've been working up. But if you're not allowed the BIBs, both of those will be out, too. It's not ideally suited to QW or simple BR loading unfortunately. I'll see if I can think up some solution though.
I really love this driver, in a BIB. I cannot think of another way to enjoy it without too much compromise other than an Abby type enclosure from Cain & Cain - TC used this driver in that cabinet and he was always into sound rather than measurments.. I simmed it in a BR and the recommended BR from Fostex and it seems to give up too much in the midbass/bass according to the sims. BIB or Pipe for best results with this really great, but inflexible, driver. pair.widec.jpg

thanks all. it looks like i will hold out for a bib which will have to go in my studio... only problem there is the ceiling is only about 220cm high so the mouth may be too close.

alternatively, i may wait to see what scott has up his sleeve!

zilla, if i still lived in long island i would have bought your speakers for certain. what's shipping like to spain on a pair of bib's? :D

slightly off topic, has anyone done comparisons between different cables with these drivers? scott, i remember reading that you tried some very thin magnet wire but don't remember how it compared to other (more sane) cables.
Using thin gauge wire is simply a means of adding some series resistance (i.e altering the Qe etc. of the driver). Everything's a trade-off & it depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you want wire to do nothing, then you want at least 14ga & solid core for the most efficient signal transfer. If you want wire to have an audible effect, then you can play with different types & their inherent LCR properties to tailor things to what you want.
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