Help with designing a tower speaker system

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Hello everyone,

My name is james and I am just breaking into the home speaker market, I grew up with both of my grandparents having soundstudios in their basements, but they are long gone now unfortunately. For the past number of years I have been into car stereos, never had a place where I could do my own system. I have been reading intensely and my head is lost. For a living I build hot rods and custom cars, i really need a hobby that has nothing to do with this, I have alittle spare time but usually I work 6am-9pm at nite. So i currently renovated my basement and would like to try my hand at building my own towers and powered sub.

This is where it gets sketchy. I have tons of new car stereo stuff, components and subs..... i would like to build my own towers with these for now. I do not have the money to throw at speakers when I have these around, that is what the wife says. I was wondering if someone could help me out some. I would be willing to pay someone to help design my pair or towers and subbox and crossovers if \I need them. I know this is aswking alot for my first post but I will try. I am not new to building things so I am not scared of anything, if I can build a $100,000 car, I can do this.

This is what I have for speakers that I would like to use, a 3 way component system from HERTZ, either the Hertz 10" subs, but I really want to use the 12" DVC 2ohm kicker subs, and for the powered sub I want to use the PPI 15" piston woofer.

The boxes can be complex, does not matter to me, i have awhile to do this. I want to run these towers off of something like a rotel.... along those line. I think I can pick something up used for a decent price.

This is everything that I could find for the data on the speakers. If someone decides to help he out, a great big THANKYOU!!!!!!! And if not, that is fine also. Also if you want to be paid let me know, I have paypal.


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Do you necessarily want tower speakers? If not, with the exception of the sub-woofer, mounting the drivers in a wall of your basement would be the most similar to the installation that the bass to treble drivers manufactured by Hertz are intended for. Doing that, you could just follow the manufacturer's instructions.

If you are going to have a powered sub-woofer, then the bass driver of the three-way or two-way stereo speakers don't need be larger than probably 8 inch.

My two cents- Pete
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