help with choosing multichannel amp

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Which is better - Onkyo TX-SR875 or Arcam AVR250? They are both in about same price used. Would be using amp for active 3-way ( DAYTON RS270S-8 10", DAYTON AUDIO RS52AN-8 2", SB29RDC-C000-4 ).

Is it worth getting any of those for 250-300 Euro ? Other recommendations up to 500E? I will be grateful for any help/suggestions.
I suspect you are in the wrong forum, but the confusing part is that you say you are going to use these home theater amplifiers to power active speakers.

Could you clarify that a bit, and then also discuss how many speakers you are planning on driving.

I will say that in terms of sound quality, the Onkyo's sounded thin and sterile compared to Arcam's quite serene musicality. Don't know why. My 12 year old Theta Casanova beat the pants of the Onkyo receiver I had using it purely as a processor.


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Thanks for the reply eriksquires. I might be in wrong forum, but found similar topic here, and not much reply on my other topic in amp > solid state section ( )

I have 3-way speakers, so I need 6channel amp ( or 3x2channel or or 4+2 etc ) and later on i plan on buying proper DAC - not sure if ones integrated with reciever are good enough.

Im doing the XO on my PC now - Reaper with VST plugins, and using 6channels of Panasonic SA-XR700 reciever, PC connected with panas through HDMI.

Think Panas is the bottleneck here, thats why im looking for something better in reasonable price :) I know Emotiva builds great amps when it comes money/value but still out of my reach cause of my low budget and Im still quite a newb to audio - dont know many interesting brands, dont know what models are worth looking for etc etc, thats why im here :)
eriksquires, Im using hdmi at the moment to avoid extra digital-analog and then analog-digital conversion in audio path since panas is equibit based amp (PCM to PWM). Like I mentioned Im planning on buying DAC or at least some nice and cheap soundcard ( E-MU or some Xonar for start ) and first step is to get good 6 channels of amp :)

I agree 100% with you I dont need or want to pay for built in amp bad quality DACs, dolby decoders etc etc, what I care about is good and clean amplification :)

I think sometimes you can get reciever with those extra and with better amp than some of the power amps. I got interested in onkyo cause its very cheap and it has problems with hdmi board and im not planning to use hdmi anymore :)

Thank you for the link, I will study amps out there :) & waiting for more suggestions!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.