Help with a Proxima 9200 Projo

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I am attempting to fix my neighbor's Proxima LCD Proector and need some help. :bawling: Here's the situation:

When powering up the Projo, the main light comes of (we can see the blue screen), Briefly turns white, then turns off. I suspect an over-temp protection circuit is kicking in. All of this takes place in just under 1 second. :rolleyes:

The main bulb is "new", but it sat for about a year or so, and this is where we are at. When he bought it a year ago, it worked (he was able to watch about 20 mins), then it sat for about a month before the problem first appeared. :angel:

If anyone has aany insight or good advice, I would greatly appreciate it. :cool:

Thanks and '73,

Steve, N8XO :headshot:
Update on my Proxima 9200

So I decided to give it another try, dragging it out of the closet and firing it up again. Same thing: comes on for about a second then shuts down. Protection LED comes on, and a manual reset is necessary to turn back on. So I took thew cover off to again look inside. I'm lucky there is a complete second set of buttons undernesth those on the cover. I mean they are separate, not just the switches underneath surface actuators. I guess the good folks at Proxima expected high maintenance on their products.

Anyway, i start looking around at places and points I overlooked the first time I had the cover off. Off the side, I noticed this duct-like openinf near the power supply. I looked in it (thinking it was a place where air was inducted into the unit for cooling purposes), and saw a couple of turbine-like blades, or at least a curvewd surface that looked like it was meant for moving air. I then stuck a narrow pen in there and pushed in one of the surfaces. Then it (the turbine) started spinning slowly at first, and then freely. Low and behold, after I cleaned it out to ensure a free spin, I fired up the projo again, and this time, ity stayed on! :D :) :cool: :D :) :cool: :D :) :cool: Yes, I am very happy now! (Ya think?!?!?) So I speculate that this must have been some cooling fan for the power supply or perhaps even the bulb itself. And like many P4 CPUs that can detect the speed of the cooling fan in the PSU, this fan must have been monitored in a similar fashion. If thefan fails to start or spins toolowly, the protection ckt shuts everything down.

So, the BIG question: How does it look? Pretty good, but a little pixelly. Guess I can't argue with the price, though. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention:, the neighbors moved away and left it on top of their final garbage pile. I went over and got it about 5 minutes before the new neighbors arrived! ;) I did enjoy Empire Strikes Back on it last night.

Thanks for all the help! ;)


This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.